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The 2013 Season is upon us.


We plan to do a mix of KCBS, GBA and MBN Contests this year. Check the calendar on the Grill Team Page frequently for information on where we will be throughout the year.


Thanks to Primo Grill for coming back on board as a sponsor this year. If you would like the best ceramic grill on the market, made right here in Georgia, give me a call. I will hook you up with one.


We are also testing a Bubba Grill Hog box for cooking our heavy meats and whole hog at MBN contests. Lonnie makes an awesome stick burner and preliminary cooks are turning out pretty amazing. Check out his products at www.bubbagrills.net.


The company that I work for, Peachtree Lighting, has been purchased by a wonderful group out of Kansas City, Heatron, Inc. The owners of the company and I have had some discussion about heading to KC to compete in the Royal. This could be very exciting for everyone and will be a great opportunity for the grill team.


I will be adding a several new features to the web site. I want to share some cooking stories beginning with my childhood and ending up with where I am today. I like to give credit where credit is due and there are many people that have contributed to my love of cooking throughout my life. I am also going to create a "tips" link to share some of the cooking secrets I have learned over the years. The links will appear below as I am able to compile the information and photos and add them.


As always, please check out our sponsors page. Please visit the page and if you use any of the products, let them know I sent you. Also, if there is any negative feedback on any of the products listed, let me know. I do not like to recommend items with issues. If they are there, there are no justifiable complaints.







Seasonings & Sauces


Southern Paradise blends it's own Seasonings and Sauces using the everyday and exotic flavors found in nature.

We Currently have two seasonings and two sauces that we use for our caters and competitions.

Southern Paradise Original - A very different blend that goes well with most anything. Everyone tends to like the seasoning and a large percentage of folks become almost addicted. It is not overpowering and enhances the flavor of whatever you sprinkle it on. Small amounts for poultry and more generous amounts for Pork and Beef.

Southern Paradise Tongue Tsunami - As the name says, Tongue Tsunami gives you a bold wave of flavor. Again, it is a very versatile seasoning that goes well with most anything. We use it mostly on Pork and Beef.

Southern Paradise Sauce - Our sauce does very well in People's Choice competitions. It is a relatively thin sauce and really does have something for everyone. The beauty of the sauce is that no one flavor is overpowering. You get a well balanced hint of vinegar, tomato, mustard along with a very slight warm tingle.

Southern Paradise Sweet Sauce - We add a perfect blend of honey and sugars to sweeten our original sauce. An amazing finisher for Chicken and Ribs.

We are hoping to have all of our Seasonings and Sauces packaged for retail very soon. You will be able to order online here on our site when they are are available.







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